Tan- Tan- Tan- Tanay!

Another SC and Joey adventure! Yay! This time, we were with SC’s friends. The group was quite adventurous so why not go to a nearby cave and waterfall?

For this trip we went to Tanay, Rizal, which was a quick one hour away from UP. We met at UP as early as 6am, before wazing our way to Daranak Falls, Batlag Falls, and Calinawan Cave.

All three are a walking distance away from each other (well, Calinawan Cave is quite a walk so we opted to drive instead).

It was a nice place. Sadly, however, it is not as picturesque as we’d hope. Hmmm, in real life actually, it’s not as clean as other natural landscapes we’ve seen. We suggest the local government pay more attention to its tourist spots ’cause it’s such a waste.

In addition, water was naturally brown that season due to continuous rainfall in the Metro. So that didn’t help either with the magnificence of the place. Locals said the water will only become clear a week after rainfall. Maybe we went there on a wrong time or season? Lol.

Nonetheless, the experience was fun. Not the best, though. But still a good getaway. Not one of those “We gotta go back” places, but definitely something going to at least once in your life. So yay!

We don’t really have much to say about the place… So we’d just like to share our adventure through pictures!





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