Back at the Heritage Site!

When we first visited Las Casas Filipinas, we found it so breathtaking that we knew we’d be back.

When SC was tasked to assist Thai students who visited the Philippines for 2 weeks, she was entitled to bring a plus one for free! She was quick to suggest Las Casas for their out of town trip to a nearby beach in Manila. Well, Las Casas doesn’t have the best beach, but it was well worth the spectacle for the foreign students (not to mention they can learn a lot from the tour!). After the trip, we learned it was the best place to bring foreign visitors because when they were asked about a favorite picture from the trip, most chose a picture from Las Casas.

Anyway, back to our love for Las Casas. We did whatever we could to get back here, and this trip was a good opportunity to go back -AND FOR FREE! We loved it so much that Joey missed his university graduation for this (yes. That much!).

*Actually, it would have been nice if Joey was available to join our other excursions, like Intramuros, which would be another great adventure to share. But this sole trip that Joey was able to join is well worth the work of assisting these foreign students.*

So, anyway, unlike our previous visit wherein we stayed a night at the resort, this trip was only a day tour adventure. We’re not used to it considering most of our trips are overnight. But what do we have to lose, it’s free anyway. Wahaha.

There were a lot of new attractions within the resort (even the entrance was changed! You can now go in coming from the main highway.), and my, what a beaut!

Basically, a new area is now open, which served as their new receiving/reception area. It was also a hotel. But if we were to stay the night, we believe Paseo de Escolta is still more worth it (very cheap yet very spacious; not too crowded and very chill).

After a few minutes of freshening up, we assisted the Thai students in the tour. Because we were a big group and they were expecting us, we had a special tour meant for foreign visitors.


We expected more, however, given that these visitors don’t know our history as much as we do. They have the tendency of directly translating their Filipino tour to English. And, that could be quite confusing for foreign people. We hope they can improve their English tours. They should be more mindful of terms that come easy for us (like barangay, maharlika, cabeza de barangay, only to name a few) but things unknown to foreigners.

What we love about this tour, however, is that we got to tour the expensive casa, which we were not able to do last time we were there.

After the tour, we gave time for the Thai students to stroll around on their own. And that means alone time for us! Yay. And we were with Kuya Marvin (SC’s co-faculty) and his friend. That means we get to have more pictures because we have “photographers” hehe.jk.

One thing we were excited about was the tram, which was supposed to be one of the modes of transportation inside the resort. On our first visit, it was not yet operational. So we had high hopes for this one. Sadly, however, they stopped operations of the tram until further notice. Huhuhu. Pictures nalang.

As for the food, it comes with the package we got. And how funny, they also served us Thai food. Their reason: the chef is confident about his Thai food, and they want to match it to the students’ appetite. We really thought it was a bas mood considering they are here to try one of our own. And, being Thai natives, they would know how it SHOULD taste like. True enough, they did not appreciate the food.

(Opted not to post the food ’cause it’s not pleasing. Lol)

The place is still breathtaking the second time around. We can’t wait for our third and never the last visit! 😘


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