Anniversary Special: Macau 2016

Yep. We know we promised ourselves we’d update this more often this year, but here we are, still writing about our 2016 adventures…

This one is special, though, ’cause it’s about our second anniversary celebration (which was actually 3 months ago already! We are so delayed hahahaha well at least it’s the month of love so yay!!).

For our anniversary, we went to one of the nearest places we could think of: Macau !!!!  We wanted it to be special, somewhere out of the country, but SC was busy with school (as both a teacher and grad student), so we only had three days to spend in another country. SC didn’t want Hong Kong, so we opted to book a direct flight to Macau instead. We opted to stay within Macau for 3 days. (We always explain to other people that we are slow-paced tourists so we do have the tendency to stay put in one place, unlike others who can still go to a nearby country / territory within a very short travel duration.)

You know that belief of a certain place having a certain “force” that determines if your spirit is in line with the destination? Well, sad to say, Macau wasn’t in line with ours. We always got lost for some reason, we always made wrong decisions, or even had a hard time exchanging money when money changers were supposedly everywhere.

Despite this, however, we still made the best out of our trip. We still managed to be okay, and enjoy our anniversary nonetheless.

Macau is divided into four parts: Peninsula, Taipa, Cotai, and Coloane. Of all those, we really appreciated the peninsula and taipa village. We originally planned to visit Coloane (since cultural tourists like us prefer seeing the “genuine” side of places we go to), but we got too scared of exploring far off ’cause we weren’t exactly on our best feet in Macau. And Cotai… WELL, COTAI WAS SUCH A NIGHTMARE FOR US. We got lost most of the time we were there. Huhu, we were lucky enough to still enjoy despite our setbacks, though.


The peninsula is a chill place to roam around. The only problem was that the grand prix was also happening there at the same time we were there. This created a lot of reroutes for buses, and closed roads in the morning. Traffic also became an issue because of this. That’s why we weren’t able to roam around Fisherman’s Wharf (good thing we got lost on our first night though, and ended up seeing the façade). Despite these setbacks, we still loved going around San Malo and other nearby attractions. We love walking around, so it was really a plus that everything is in walking distance.


This has got to be our favorite place in Macau. Fast-paced travelers who only visit Macau on a day trip from Hong Kong usually don’t get to visit this place. We really wanted to see more of Macau than the usual glimmers of casinos. And this was the nearest place we could find. We boarded a public bus and went down Rua Do Chunha, which is a street famous for food stalls, along with a more “authentic” Chinese-Portuguese vibe. This was really our favorite part of the trip.



Ahhh. The most tourist-y place because most of the popular casinos are here. We don’t know why we always get lost each time we set foot in this part of Macau. Maybe we aren’t meant for casinos and glimmering lights? We don’t know.

Nonetheless we are still happy we got to see the famous City of Dreams and Venetian Macau -not to mention even the Parisian (with the eiffel tower replica from a distance).


We have a special portion to talk about food (kinda becoming a must for our entries haha). Because for one, we got so used to Beijing’s food that we had a hard time adjusting to Macau’s. Especially SC.

We ended up eating at the same place almost every night because most food do not appeal to us. (Or maybe most shops were in Chinese so we didn’t know what they have.) We would never forget that curry shabu-shabu shop near Av. Almeira Ribeiro -somewhere across Senado Square. And all the food at Rua do Cunha.

Not to mention Mcdonald’s, which also became our go to place if we really didn’t know what to eat. We love their box of chicken and salmon burger!!!

All in all, it wasn’t one of the best adventures, but still worth taking. A lot of lessons learned for our next trips! (Like making sure we always have money because we wanted to ride the gondola but there were no money changers for philippine peso at the Venetian -even more so in the whole Cotai area.)

Traveling to Macau together was a good experience… but maybe we’re never coming back. Haha. Or who knows where our feet will take us in the future!


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