Chaperonin’ @ Batangas

A few months ago, SC was tasked to chaperone Japanese Exchange students who came to Manila, and luckily she was allowed to bring Joey along! So yay, for not just another adventure, but a free adventure! HAHAHA.


Part of the program’s itinerary was a beach trip in Laiya, Batangas. The resort that the program annually goes to is La Luz. Joey was quite excited for the trip cause he was able to go there back in 2010 and he absolutely loved it there! Joey kept telling SC about the place, which got SC really excited, but unfortunately the place has deteriorated a lot…

The place was not well taken care of, in fact the cushions they provided the cabanas were worn out and dirty, which made it awkward to lay on and relax without having the urge to clean it. Or maybe you woudn’t even bother lay on it ’cause it’s gross. We think they never replaced the cushions from way back its glory days.

Joey also told SC that he loved the food they served before so he was surprised to see that the food choices weren’t that good. At first we gave them the benefit of the doubt, but upon asking SC’s colleague who went there quite recently, he also did not like the food there.

Another thing to note was the lack of customer care from their employees. Upon entering, SC was ready to pay the remaining balance at the reception. However, the receptionist told her that she has to go down and pay first. SC asked for directions, and the receptionist just said someone will accompany her upon reaching the buffet area. Sadly, no one was there. She needed to ask around, and eventually they told us to eat first, after which she will be accompanied to pay at the office. We were really hungry (the driver of our coaster got lost so we arrived quite late) so SC just agreed. They said that someone will accompany her after. No one ever came.

SC almost forgot about the fact that she had to settle the balance, until it was time to go. And no one really bothered to help her despite asking around where she would pay. It was the first time in all our trips that we received such poor customer service. Albeit, everytime someone asks about this place, we really discourage them. It’s a waste of time.

Another issue we had was the fact that the shore contained too much motor boats for water activities. Because of that, the beach felt really cluttered.

Of all those issues we mentioned, the biggest issue, however, is the unhealthy salt water. It hurts the skin when you swim, and it was sad and disappointing for our Japanese friends. They did not really have much fun. They were even telling us, “it is a sign of the beach trying to heal itself,” and we were too embarrassed to say something about it.

Well… even if we both had issues with this place, we still enjoyed our stay there. As long as we are together, we always make the most of what we have. We were still able to find a way to relax and tune out the world around us as we enjoyed each other’s company.


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