Hi! We are SC Ponce and Joey Peña!! We are a Manila-based LGBT couple who has passion for novelty and desire to travel. Basically, everyday is an adventure for us two!

Who is SC?

A full time teacher and a part time dreamer. She is currently the Assistant Chairperson of the Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts (DSCTA) at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. On her spare time, she is a freelance host and an innovative entrepreneur. She also accepts rakets for event organizing and coordinating. And oh, she’s also taking up her graduate degree for MA Speech Communication… At UP Diliman, as well.

Who is Joey?

A care-free entrepreneur ready to seize the world. He recently finished his undergraduate degree in BA Speech Communication while representing the school (and making the school proud) as the three-year team captain of the school’s tennis  team. He currently owns and manages a franchise of a popular convenience store, while teaching as part-time lecturer at the University of the Philippines. Of course, travel and adventures are still part of his schedule!